SF Bio

SF Bio is Sweden’s largest cinema chain, with 255 screens in 37 cinemas in 21 cities.

SF Bio was founded in 1909 and is one of the oldest film companies in the world and one of the most modern cinema chains in Europe. SF Bio has a 66 percent market share in Sweden.

SF Kino

SF Kino is Norway’s second largest cinema chain with 47 screens in 8 cinemas in 8 cities around the country.

SF Kino is also a partner in 4 municipally-owned cinemas. Our market share in Norway is 11 percent.


Finnkino is Finland’s largest cinema chain, with 100 screens in 15 cinemas in 11 cities around the country.

All Finnkino cinemas have implemented the latest technology in inspiring environments. Finnkino has a 68 percent market share in Finland.

Forum Cinemas

Forum Cinemas is the leading cinema chain in the Baltics with 67 screens in 9 cinemas in 8 cities around the region.

Forum Cinemas has a market share of 54 percent in the Baltics.