Our employees

Nordic Cinema Group’s position as a leading cinema operator, combined with the company’s ambitions, means taking responsibility and being committed. Taking the right actions and the behaviours of each employee are critical to achieving and maintaining the company’s desired position.

NCG’s work is based on a set of values that,​ along with its code of conduct, guides the decisions, actions, and behaviour of all employees. These values ​​are:

  • Focus – We focus on the Nordic and Baltic countries and on doing what we do best: delivering an unparalleled cinema experience.
  • Innovation – We drive change and are innovative in an industry that is in constant motion. This includes everything from concept and value chain to how we do business.
  • Service – Outstanding service is crucial in order to deliver an unparalleled cinema experience.
  • Achievers – We are results-driven and goal-oriented. From words to deeds.

NCG’s more than 1,100 employees are spread across a variety of professional fields. The largest staff group works in service occupations in the cinemas. The Group’s HR activities are coordinated through common policies but are managed locally. Each market has an HR function that supports managers and employees. Each cinema manager has the main responsibility for leading and planning work at their own cinema.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion
NCG strives for equality in the workplace with an open climate. Diversity in all aspects is highly valued and contributes to a good working atmosphere. In addition to complying with the laws of each country, NCG’s policy is to take all forms of discrimination and harassment seriously and to investigate and deal with them.