Nordic Cinema Group strives to continuously improve and develop its efforts with environmental, corporate governance, and social issues. The company’s sustainability program should lead to better, smarter use of resources, increased satisfaction among employees and customers, and clearer management of customer and supplier relationships. The program consists of four parts.

  • Strategy and governance – NCG identifies key corporate governance issues and analyses risks and opportunities relative to competitors and customers. Besides annual reporting, management and employees are provided with relevant training.

  • Human rights and labour laws – NCG ensures that all employees have proper work permits and employment contracts. There is a health and safety policy that is meant to ensure that health and safety rules and regulations are followed. When initiating supplier relationships, NCG provides information about its code of conduct and its handling of breaches. NCG strives to participate in any industry initiatives and to comply with all relevant industry practices.

  • Business ethics and anti-corruption – NCG actively communicates its ethical code of conduct to employees and informs them of guidelines for anti-corruption issues.

  • Environment – NCG has identified a number of focus areas that have been broken down into quantitative and qualitative goals. One of the main focus areas is energy consumption. In order to minimize environmental impact, cinemas in Sweden run exclusively on wind energy. The project’s outcome will determine whether similar solutions will be implemented in the Group’s other markets. Another priority area is waste management. At the cinemas where it is permitted, NCG sets out recycling bins so moviegoers can sort their retail products before leaving. Business trips represent a third focus area, and NCG encourages its employees to choose trains over planes and to hold meetings digitally or by phone as often as possible.