The quest for experiences is in our nature

Nordic Cinema Group meets a need that is deeply rooted in humans. The need to be touched, to feel excited, and to laugh. It is an eminently social form of entertainment as we often see films together. Sometimes we go to the cinema often and sometimes less often. But for most people, a life without cinema experiences would be very difficult to imagine.

The cinema is perceived as an affordable pleasure, which also greatly inspires spontaneous visits.

At NCG, we adhere to the knowledge that a visit to the cinema is more than just the actual film experience. There is an atmosphere at the cinema that is distinctly different from sitting at home on the couch watching films on TV. Going to the cinemas has been a natural part of everyday life for more than a hundred years. As a form of entertainment, the cinema therefore competes primarily with other experiences, such as eating out, concerts, and the theatre and opera rather than with watching films at home.

The cinema market in the Nordic and Baltic countries
NCG works under four brands in six markets: SF Bio in Sweden, SF Kino in Norway, Finnkino in Finland and Forum Cinemas in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. In many respects the markets are similar to each other, but there are also major differences. Operating activities are therefore always based on local conditions, while utilizing the strength of the Group.

The value of the market that NCG operates in totals SEK 4.4 billion.