Well positioned for growth

Nordic Cinema Group’s business concept is to offer the best film experience through a network of state-of-the-art cinemas in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The cinema experience is special and therefore requires both care and constant development.

Nordic Cinema Group’s vision is to be Europe’s most passionate, innovative, and attractive cinema company. Our mission is a better and more entertaining cinema experience for everyone. 

Strategic focus areas

In order to objectify the path towards our vision, NCG has defined three strategic focus areas.

1. Develop the cinema experience

Create places to meet
NCG strives to create a nice atmosphere and good spaces for socializing when going to a film. The cinemas should be located in areas near shopping and restaurants.

Develop new concepts
Develop new cinema concepts like VIP auditoriums with more comfortable seats, more space, and better facilities for those who want a more upscale experience.

Invest in the latest technology
NCG currently has digital projection in all its auditoriums and can show 3D films in 98 percent of them, and continually invests in high-quality sound and picture.

Optimize customer visits
We have improved flow at the cinemas by creating different zones, thereby cultivating a more positive customer experience.

Moviegoing appeals to all the senses. Optimizing the visitor’s path through the cinema cultivates a more positive customer experience.

2. Take advantage of the Group’s combined strengths

Share best practices within the Group
Within the Group, NCG can learn from each other’s experiences and choose the approach that proves best, which will generate growth and better cinema experiences.

Centralized purchasing
Centralized purchasing of certain products and equipment.

Coordination of sales
Coordination of advertising sales within NCG Media.

Realize synergies
Realize cost synergies through common functions, such as IT investments and ticketing solutions.

Of all Nordic Cinema Group’s cinemas, 98 percent can show 3D formats.

3. Development and expansion opportunities

Intention to grow
NCG intends to grow, primarily in existing markets.

Great opportunities for expansion
Sweden and Finland are relatively mature markets where NCG has a significant market share today, while there are major opportunities for expansion in Norway and the Baltic countries.

Focus on premium locations
We continue to focus on having premium locations in large and medium-sized cities with population growth.